A Time for Every Season: A Time to Write

Last week I came across a few people who are frustrated with national politics and state politics. They all want to do something but like most normal, hardworking Americans, they are extremely busy people. To get involved with politics on a national or state level it takes a lot of time away from family, work, religious and secular responsibilities. And still they press forward trying to make a difference.

Most of you know I am a novice political scrapper myself. I just try to fight my way out of my paper bag every day. I read, I search, and I try to learn what I can to make the best decisions on what I feel is my part in preserving freedom for this great nation. And I have opinions. Lots of opinions. Many I keep in my other paper bag until I can figure out if my opinions are good or bad, needing to be reformed until they are based in facts, as best as I can find them, decipher them, and then put them in some sort of consequential order for my brain to assimilate.

So here is what I know:

  1. There are some people who wanted to have businesses in Rockledge, Florida. They don’t have them here because of what appears to be OVER-regulation by the city.
  2. There are a vast number parents in Brevard who are outraged at the Common Core agenda and High Stakes Testing happening in Brevard Public Schools thanks to Steve Crisafulli’s support of the Jeb Bush agenda: No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
  3. There seems to be a genuine concern about how Commissioner Chuck Nelson is positioning himself for his next job on Merritt Island and how it relates to the power he holds as a County Commissioner.
  4. There are lots of TAXATION without representation questions regarding the “railway” push that is happening over in Port Canaveral that Brevard County taxpayers may want to learn more about before getting drowned at sea.
  5. There numerous problems with the RINO’s vs Conservatives in Washington D.C.
  6. And last but not least, the Man-Child in the Whitehouse with all of his minions who seem to want to destroy the U.S. Constitution by usurping power that does not belong to them.

I also know that if you want to stop the abuse in Washington, it starts by taking back local politics. So that makes me want to take time to write about what local conservatives are standing as sentinels over and is of concern to them. After all, they are in the trenches just trying to live productive lives for themselves and their families.

The above list is where I will start. One day at a time.


Author: jswardell

Conservative Partnership Institute, Tea Party Patriot, Heritage Action Sentinel, Political Activist, #SocialismKILLS, Community Organizer, Blog: www.sentinel2sentinel.com

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