Reigniting Congress: A Proactive Coalition of Conservatives

With the Supreme Court legislating from the bench for the last two days you can imagine my concern over Congress, with Speaker Boehner at the helm, continuing to give up the balance of power to promote the Progressive agenda. Congress not caving into Speaker Boehner or Obama’s wishes through backdoor, secret meetings is essential to stopping this willful subversion of the United States Constitution.

I have long felt that Bill Posey should stand up as a leader for principled government and the Divinely Inspired Constitution. And I do not say that lightly. After all, he has been in office since 2008 and it has only been recently that his voting record percentage is beginning to climb the Conservative Scorecards. (See Conservative Review Scorecard  & Heritage Action Scorecard) I have and will continue to urge him to work with other true conservative and principled legislators as they fiercely introduce legislation to protect my unalienable rights as clearly discussed in The Federalist Papers and as written in final form of the U.S. Constitution.

For example: Senator Mike Lee and Representative Raul Labrador have introduced H.R. 2802 The First Amendment Defense Act to ensure my rights and yours, and beliefs about marriage are protected. Take a look at the dates when the co-sponsors signed on to it and then strongly suggest Congressman Posey sign on as a co-sponsor in support of this bill.

Why? Because if Posey signs on now, with a proactive coalition of Conservatives, the bill is more likely to get passed. Commitment to a Conservative cause matters thanks to safety in numbers by proactive coalitions of Conservatives co-sponsoring bills.

Our nation is now at a critical junction. What is keeping Posey from becoming proactive in co-sponsoring bills that will restore the balance of power as it was originally intended by the Founding Fathers? When co-sponsoring bills with a proactive coalition of Conservatives is necessary and essential to moving forward the the Conservative agenda, why wait until it is time to merely vote?

Bill Posey’s constituents, as a proactive coalition of Conservatives, can constantly urge Posey to be forthcoming regarding his agenda for America as he is up for reelection in 2016. His posted agenda to reignite the promise of America, on a website or in a blog, that shows us where he stands, in certitude, regarding the Progressive Agenda is important as a proactive representative of the people working to stop the willful subversion of the Divinely Inspired Constitution.


Author: jswardell

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