The Reluctant CrossFit & Concept 2 Rowing Nerd

I hate working out and exerting myself. I am a lazy bum. And for the zillionth time, No, I do not feel the love for working out like the fitness freaks, body builders, and other top athletes. I do not feel like I miss working out if I do not do something. It just is not like that for me. It is very possible for me to live without it, exercise. Of course, I understand that living on the couch will cause premature death, that I will die but my feeling is: Duh, yeah. I am going to die just like all those who have gone before me and it could happen while I am working out.

And yet, after sixty four weeks at 26.2 CrossFit, I am finally turned into a CrossFit Novice Nerd who has really taken to the Concept 2 Rower, like a freak. I still have to talk myself out of bed every single morning. Usually I am whining in my head until about halfway through the WoD but i am still faithfully showing up to the box consistently. It was at week 61 that I added the 24 Workouts –– a collection of interesting and challenging rowing workouts to my training regiment to bring me into a five day workout week, therefore qualifying me as a CrossFit Nerd.

So that leads me to two exciting bench mark events in the past twenty-four hours. A wonderful thing thing happened yesterday on the rope “climb” and today as I rowed the Day 6 workout. Yesterday as I attempted the 5 “climbs”  I automatically engaged my core in a way I have not done in the past. (Keep in mind, I modify rope “climbs” by laying on the floor to pulling myself up to a standing position because I have NEVER climbed a rope.) Then today, while rowing, a similar thing happened. I realized I was doing this little core crunch thing. It so surprise me that I almost squealed “Yayee for me!” out loud, as I was rowing!

Even though I am only rowing the 24 Workouts program just two days a week and it has only been for the last three weeks, I am pretty amazed at this ability to be cognizant of my exercise form as though it magically happened. By dragging myself to the box to do the work persistently and consistently, my ability to recognize my capabilities correlates to my fitness improvements.

To be clear, my recognition is far behind the fitness improvements but, it is coming along just the same. My motivation for working out is not for the love of how I feel, it is more so in that how I feel makes me remember the suffering is somewhat worth enduring or in other words, an effectual struggle.


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