Potluck and Capital Letters: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Tuesday night my congressman, Bill Posey, had another Telephone-Townhall (Tele-hall). The only reason I know about it is because I happened to be on Facebook (FB) and happened to see his post stating his event was about to happen. It was not until after the call started that I happened to see the post with the call-in number.

I used to get called by his auto dialer. I used to get emails. I used to get email responses back from his Communications Director. But last night, on a chance sighting of his post, I had to call in for myself and if I wanted to say something I had to press #3 to get in the queue.

When I see Senator Mike Lee hold regular online FB live chats with his constituents and he takes questions via several mediums. And when I see Senator Ted Cruz use Periscope to hold Press Conferences and Rallies and debate with a sorely misguided Code Pink lady I cannot help but feel Posey or his team seems so far behind the social media curve.

But I divert myself. Back to the reason for this post.

I missed the beginning of the call, therefore whatever Posey talked about for the first 5 minutes or whenever it was I got into the call, is my great unkown. Getting into the Tele-Townhall to hear him open it up for constituents, well, there seemed to be an endless parade of questions too often prefaced with ramblings, commentaries, and or praises by friends of Bill.

Not saying those people with their thoughts are unimportant, I am suggesting that as important as it is for people to bend Posey’s ear, I wonder:

  1. Why does Posey or his team not move the dialog forward by addressing comments on Twitter and Facebook?
  2. Does it makes sense that if Posey/his team sees a LIVE comment trending on his Twitter address or FB page while he live/online then he could address the trending COMMENT/s?
  3. How many of us would quit SCREAMING at the phone if the Posey team would simply go between facsimile, Twitter, Facebook and the Tele-hall to take QUESTIONS he ought to be addressing for the Populous?
  4. Is it possible that by so doing MORE PEOPLE COULD BE HEARD or HAVE A VOICE in these Tele-halls IF those three mediums for communications are embraced?

Now for those who do not know, typing in CAPITAL letters is consider yelling. Not that I condone yelling but I hope you can hear me emphasize words that matter to me in this discussion. Oh, and this is a civil discussion no matter what you have read on the Internet.

I am not a Senior, yet. I am sick and tired of hearing Senior people whine about a fixed income called Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare.

WE ALL LIVE ON A FIXED INCOME whether or not we are Seniors, Single Parents, Two Working Parents, etc. We all have FINITE dollars to spend. And when we, and I include the Government/Congress/Senate, SPEND MORE THAN WE EARN, EARN, EARN, it is painful to live with the consequences.

  3. IT IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to DEMAND MORE OF THEIR MONEY regardless of what was promised to you or has happened to your ability to gain income.

SOCIAL SECURITY IS BROKEN. MEDICAID IS A MESS. All of it must be fixed and there must be a FULL REPEAL of OBAMACAREHELL or Seniors and the Sickly, will be left, by the Government, TO DIE. Just ask those having to deal with the Veterans Administration.

Oh, and just so you know, I am a Military Brat and Spouse. I have watched Government STRIP Military Veteran Benefits from my Father over the years. My husband, a Veteran from TWO Campaigns, may not receive any benefits at the rate Congress ignores the current debt. So spare me your whining while we are trying to figure out how to live on diminishing pay and benefits. IT IS JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE AND WISHING/WHINING AIN’T GETTIN’ IT!  

Social Security, Medicaid and other ENTITLEMENT programs reminds me of a Church Potluck Dinner where 200 families show up and only 25 families people brought enough food for their families plus extra for two people. Fact is: Someone is going to go hungry at that Potluck Dinner.

What I want to hear from Bill Posey is on the following topics:

  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress, to cut taxes and spending and rein in the debt?
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to limit the size and scope of the federal government and return authority to states and to the American people?
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to get rid of Obamacare and promote health care solutions based on free enterprise, not government controls?
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to protect America from foreign threats, secure the border, and develop a robust, principled foreign policy that puts America first
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to ensure that our judges and lawmakers uphold the Constitution of the United States, starting by halting executive overreach?

Please note the action word DOING. That implies more than Posey discussing what he has done. DOING is used to encourage a dialogue, a discussion on what he is doing here, now, today, and his vision for pressing forward with a CONSERVATIVE agenda to RECLAIM America. Here are examples of what I am talking about:

I WANT POSEY to join with other WELL ESTABLISHED, CONSISTENT CONSERVATIVES to break and take down the #WashingtonCartel. I want him to understand there is safety in CONSERVATIVE numbers (follow Dean Clancy) and if he will press forward with Principled Conservatives, I, with others, will watch his back if he will work to #MakeDCListen. But I also want him to know a consistent 90% OR BETTER is expected for my support on the Scorecards That Matter Most:

  1. Conservative Review Scorecard for Bill Posey
  2. Heritage Action Scorecard for Bill Posey

Correction: Sorry, I started this article Wednesday and forgot to change the opening line from Last night to Tuesday night before posting.


Author: jswardell

Conservative Partnership Institute, Tea Party Patriot, Heritage Action Sentinel, Political Activist, #SocialismKILLS, Community Organizer, Blog: www.sentinel2sentinel.com

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