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One thing that was drummed into my head years ago is ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL. Therefore, I decided to take my weblog to the neighborhood for a day and while putting this post together I am printing off a few hundred of these bad boys.

Vol 1 page 1 Chelsea ParkThe next step is to prepare “Current Resident” labels for mailing the approximately 400 homes in my subdivision. i would walk it but I have to prepare for the tropical storm-hurricane coming my way.

Special thanks to the Patriot who allowed me to photograph the back of his truck with this fabulous decal. God Bless you and yours! Meeting you totally rocked my day and I will always be thankful to you for letting me take the shot. (I know, pun intended.)

Note the Vol 1 page 2 Chelsea Parklovely Disclaimer on the newsletter so there are absolutely no misunderstandings that I whole-heartedly support Ted Cruz but:

Opinions hereinare my own and not representative of any Candidate or Organization. Not authorized or paid for by any candidate. This is mine all mine, paid for and distributed by JSWardell Florida knowing All Politics is Local and I have the right to freedom of speech.

There you go. E Pluribus Unim.

Cititus. Altius. Fortius.

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