Port Canaveral RAIL vs Country Residents

Tonight I attended the Brevard County Commissioners meeting where many wonderful citizens came out to vehemently voice opposition to the proposed Rail Extension Service. (See an earlier article Port Canaveral: Discover the Networks here.)

Commissioner Jim Barfield proposed a resolution and then citizens who will be greatly affected by the Rail Extension were invited to make their remarks. I used Periscope to broadcast LIVE some of that meeting and have linked the segments here:

Part 1: Brevard County Commission on Port Canaveral Rail 

Part 2: Brevard County Commission on Port Canaveral Rail or 2 

Part 3:  Brevard County Commission on Port Canaveral Authority Rail part 3

I learned tonight that TedLund.com is a great place to read up on the sore problems with the Port Canaveral Authority and the Rail issues, that seem more than severe, expensive, and has left residents wondering who is paying for all of the pie in the sky.


Author: jswardell

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