9.12 Grassroots Summit: Holding Congress Accountable

Thank you FreedomWorks for the 9.12 Summit yesterday. It was a great opportunity to hear from candidates on their positions. It was really great to hear first hand accounts of how badly the Mitch McConnell and John Boehner Cartels are treating junior colleagues, how they punish colleagues for challenging the way things are being done in Washington, D.C. and especially when those members choose to stand against Obama and Progressive Agendas.

And I wonder: Why was Bill Posey conspicuously absent from the 9.12 Summit? I thought he considered himself a Libertarian Leaning Republican so seriously, why did he not attend?

Thank you Reverend C.L. Bryant for the rousing, powerhouse war cry to keep up courage to fight for freedom and hold Congress accountable. Thank you for the thunderous passion of your heartfelt sermon driving home the points that 1) WE are the People, 2) Congress works for us, and 3) WE must constantly TELL THEM, REMIND THEM so they feel accountable to us.

My takeaway from Reverend Bryant in three hashtags: #RallyTheTroops ==> #DefeatRINOs ==> #FreedomWorksWithWeThePeople. (Yeah, the last one is a bit long.)

So before talking about the great experience yesterday, I am going to stick to HOLDING CONGRESS ACCOUNTABLE in this post because Reverend C.L. Bryant threw down that call to A-C-T-I-O-N!

Below are the names of those who spoke at the 9.12 Summit. Be sure to check out Conservative Review Scorecards and Heritage Action Scorecards. I choose these two scorecards because I feel #CReview and #HAction reflect my conservative values best. Candidates that I donate to must rate 90% or better on those scales before I invest my money into their campaigns. Here is the link to the FreedomWorks Scorecards as a courtesy but do not be fooled by it. Compare the Bills tracked between all three links to really get an accurate picture regarding what IS is on those scorecards. (An example would be Bill Posey voted for the 500 Billion debt with the DC Cartel which makes him a far cry from the 2015 #FWorks 100% in my book.)

Again for emphasis: Compare the bills tracked between all three links before you buy into FreedomWorks grading system alone. All of these members of Congress should be at 90% or better across all three scorecards. 

Ron DeSantis 

John Fleming   

Thomas Massie 

Mark Meadows

Ted Yoho





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