Framing the Debate: The Restored Republican

Watching Senator Mike Lee and Senator Ted Cruz frame debates about the things that matter most is a wonderful experience for they hold themselves to the highest standard in how they communicate their reasoning. They are well educated in the purpose of rhetorical thinking. As critical thinkers their style naturally puts the onus on every candidate claiming to be a Republican to rise up for the greater good of the General Populous.

Framing the debate, insisting on a civilized discussion of principles and ideas is what these two men have established from their first campaigns and throughout their tenure in elected office. Their tenacity, their ability to connect with and educate the populous on serious issues has firmly established the first step to restoring the Republic to the people: Grassroots Empowerment to affect change.

Cruz and Lee continue to unite in vision on how to restore America to her people. Each understands and wholly depends upon the people to support them in a Representative Republic. Each fully understands who elected them and the purpose for serving the people who desire to reclaim America.

That is why last night’s #HeritageActionForum to Take Back America was so exceptionally great. Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action understand that We, The People, want a healthy debate of ideas without the progressive influence to destroy good men and women running for office. Heritage Action understands that We, The People, want to be informed fully so we can contrast and compare what candidates say and have a history of doing. 

Last night had no #MSMGotchas, no attacks on other candidates and none by the moderators. Questions from the Sentinels, representing people like me, made it possible for a discussion to take place with plenty of time for each candidate to speak and be heard without drama or malice. And that is why The Donald not attending was such a major disappointment to myself and to many who wanted to see the substance behind his television persona.

If you want to know what to think because no one told you how to think, then please, watch last night’s event and come to your own conclusions about each candidate here:


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