My Concept2 Rowing Challenge: Row FROM Cuba

About three weeks ago my CrossFit Endurance Coach Shane talked to me about an event 26.2 CrossFit held, a year or so ago, called Row To Cuba. The competition was to see who could row the 90 miles from Miami to Cuba on the Concept2 Rower the quickest, within a month’s time. He thought maybe that would be a good challenge for me since I decided I am not really a runner and have taken such a strong liking to the rower.

So I talked to my other Coach, Jamiethe Marine, because he won the men’s division for the competition and he is my inspiration when it comes to the rower. After getting tips from him I decided to row for 30 minutes, just to see how far I could go. I discovered I could row quite well for thirty minutes and I covered enough distance to feel good about what I will need to daily row to get the job down.

603867_10153199023642464_146286588119160559_nTaking that 90 mile rowing challenge, my name for it is Row FROM Cuba –  Part One Challenge. It is so named to thank Rafael Cruz for coming to America, living a Patriot’s dream and to bring awareness to and support for, (Yes, I wrote that twice on purpose.)

And if I survive the rigorous rowing schedule I have set up for myself then I will talk about it and post a Part Two Challenge for myself.


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