CrossFit Friend: Darc Dyer meets Tina Scheer

Darc Dyer is one of my teammates from 26.2 CrossFit. She is so adorable and has the best smile. Her workout ethic is amazing. She is awe inspiring. She became my friend and then left Florida for her home state of Maine. It was sad to see her go, yet with social media, she is just a posting away from being back in my neighborhood.

Tina Scheer is my Twitter friend from Maine. We “met” through social media thanks to Ultimate Survival Alaska courtesy the National Geographic Channel. Watching her on Season 3 was fascinating. It would be amazing if she has a second shot at #SurvivalAlaska to see how far she could go with another team. (Rest in Peace Jimmy.)

When Darc got back to Maine and started posting photos of things she was doing, I sent her the link to Tina’s site, suggesting she go check it out some time. Suggesting she”Tell Tina I sent her,”  Darc posted back that she passes “that place.” She says she will stop in at some future time.

True to her word, I get a note from Darc saying she stopped in to check things out but Tina was not there.

Bummer because Darc is such a great athlete that I can totally picture her doing the LumberJill thing.

Well guess what happened yesterday?

Tina and Darc

I get a note on my Facebook to check my text messages. So I do, squealing with delight to see this photo! Darc tells me she is driving down down the road, well, her sister is driving and Darc sees Tina. She tells her sister to STOP because Darc want to get a photo for me.

Thanks Darc and Tina! And a thank you shout out to Darc’s sister for stopping for the shot! You are amazing women doing amazing things! So pleased to know you. So pleased you got to meet each other.


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