Four Caucuses: Who are the Consistent Conservatives?

Having read a ton of information about who’s who in the battle to save the Republican Majority’s soul as Speaker of the House, my documentation has failed to keep up with where I read what I think I know.

Right now, I feel exceptionally jaded in my opinions. So today, I am trying to back track and link what I believe is important information to eventually come to some sort of conclusion about who I feel I can support.

So here are links to several articles worth reading and as I go back through them my questions are:

    1. What does a Consistent Conservative mean to me?
    2. Who has a Consistent Conservative voting record?
    3. Who has a Consistent Conservative record on speaking out on issues?
    4. Who is best at Framing The Debate as a Consistent Conservative?

First I need to find out and then make a list of who’s who in each Republican Caucus, because honestly, I am confused as to why there are four of them and who started out in onew then crossed into another caucus.

  • How similar is each caucus’ ideology?
  • Where do they differ in opinion and how vast is the chasm?
  • What principles do they have in common and do those correlate with the U.S. Constitution?
  • Which caucus has put forward the best person to press forward to declare and defend “the legislative agenda of the majority party.”

Be sure to read Heritage Foundation’s Essay on SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE

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