Framing the Debate: Strike the Steel

There is a story of a man who, while in his youth, worked on a construction site. He was to clear concrete off steel posts using a sledgehammer. He went to work striking the concrete yet with each strike to the concrete he made very little headway, even when he was given a heavier sledgehammer.

So he prayed for help and the answer came: Strike the steel.

Striking the steel caused a reverberation within the concrete thereby causing the concrete to fall off in chunks. This enabled the young man to quickly accomplish his task compared to the previous hours of sweat and toil spent striking the concrete with minimal effect.

As I think about Ted Cruz and his run for President in 2016 and as I hear and read all of the twisted things the Progressives do, furiously working to encase him in a concrete narrative, I remember Strike the Steel. I think about encouraging those chipping away at that concrete to focus on the thing that matters most, the solid post of a man, Ted Cruz. He is forged as a tempered steel post.

Top 10 Things I like about Ted Cruz

  1. He is grounded in solid Ideology and principles.
  2. He well understands the Founding Principles of the Constitution.
  3. He listens before he speaks.
  4. He is a statesman with an innate ability to critically think through issues.
  5. He fears God more than man.
  6. He sees things as they really are, with a discerning eye.
  7. He is focused on the things that matter most.
  8. He is a devoted husband and dedicated father.
  9. He is a man of integrity: He does what he says he will do.
  10. He is considerate of the Widow’s Mite, fully knowing he serves the people.

For more on Ted Cruz:

When you read this article, begin at the very bottom notation where Correction is listed. I believe the article has genuine criticisms of Ted’s style and flaws, but keep in mind what deviousness happens to thwart an honorable man and how those tactics and criticisms have become part of the concrete narrative. Perhaps you, like me, consider the so called negatives non-detractors from Ted’s ability to serve as POTUS.


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