The Show Stopper vs Poodles on Parade

Last night Team #CruzBrevard got together for the debate with great food, lively conversation, and a whole lot of commentary throughout the evening. And if you listened to the anti-mainstream media commentary last night, well, you pretty much know what the consensus was in the #CruzBrevard house.

  1. CNBC Commentator/Moderators are an obnoxious PAC.
  2. CNBC C/Ms are the Debate Losers of the night.
  3. CNBC C/Ms are afraid to debate Ted Cruz because he has an audiographic memory.
  4. Ted Cruz’s #BoomShakalaka comment schooled the CNBC Poodles on Parade C/Ms to #FrameTheDebate.

Seeing and hearing this OVER AND OVER again is exhilarating because to #FrameTheDebate is what Ted Cruz does best.

And he does so without malice.

And he does so with pointed exactness.

A real President would reprove with sharpness and do so without personal attacks so please, join me in supporting Ted Cruz at because nobody does Presidential better than Ted Cruz. He is the consistent Conservative willing to engage in thought provoking discussion, as a Real President should, whether it be a Code Pink-a-dink or a CNN Moderator as a Pompous Poodle on Parade.

FEC Political Disclaimer Requirement here:

Today’s post is not paid for and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee or on behalf of any organization with which I am associated. It is me, all me by me and for me because I believe in exercising my Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech. And I am all about getting Ted Cruz elected. 

Thank you. Thank you very much.


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