CrossFit, Cruz, and Consistency with Change

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This is my friend’s #CruzMobile. We are #CruzBrevard. We recognize and profusely thank #Sabo of for making this possible.

Yesterday. It was a rough Friday morning. Knowing what was in store for the day, the excitement of getting to volunteer at an event for Ted Cruz in Orlando made it difficult to fall to sleep Thursday night. Having attended four difficult 26.2 CrossFit classes during the week it was a mental struggle to choose to get up to make the 5:30 a.m. class. Not being firm in my decision to go to class made it difficult to stay asleep and I needed restful sleep in order to get through my Friday let alone a fifth WoD.

What do we mean by patriotism in the context of our times? … A patriotism that puts country ahead of self; a patriotism which is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime. ~ Adlai Stevenson, speech given in New York City, 27 August 1952, quoted in John Bartlett, Familiar Quotations, Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1955, p. 986.

Bob and Cheryl
Bob Touchston and Cheryl Lankes of #CruzBrevard manning the tables at the Ted Cruz – Orlando Rally.

One thing that has made CrossFit “easy” for me are the Hero WoDs. Being the oldest in my classes, the most out of shape in my class, the one who ALWAYS has to modify the WoD is not an easy burden to bear but when I think of the many men and women who have given all for the sake of our nation then I am happy to do my very best, even if I am the very last at finishing the very modified WoD. Who am I to not fight through a measly workout with some sense of consistent and persistent performance?

It is because of my consistent and persistent dedication that a year and a half later I am able to do five WoDs a week. It is due to my commitment to the principles of CrossFit that my body is changing. Consistency in workout form, persistently correcting my form, and then repetition of correct form in the WoD is helping me improve each week. As my body changes I must accommodate consistency in changing how I approach my WoDs.Bob Touchston Cheryl Lankes

And I can apply that same measure to Ted Cruz. His consistency to Constitutional principles is what makes me support him in his run for President of the United States.

Ted Cruz is flexible enough to modify a course of action while being consistent in exercising Conservative principles. He persistently works to apply those well founded, well-grounded principles to each challenge  that arises. He consitently works for the benefit of the people he serves. Being that persistent Conservative, acting line upon line and precept upon precept is why the opposition fear him. He knows well how to #FrameTheDebate and #StayTheConservativeCourse and with each political workout the opposition throws his way, they realize he is steadfast in foundational form.

Cruz Crew Goup Shot
Gwen Fox, Team Leader of #CruzCrew Orlando Rally Volunteers.

Listening to Ted Cruz speak yesterday was fantastic. What you see on the television is what you get. He is genuine. He is sincere. He speaks with a conviction. He is not a grandstander. He is not puffed up. He is a humble guy who really is depending upon the grassroots for support in his campaign. He truly believes that he will only make it through with grassroots support. He believes in We, the People.

To know the man, who he is and what he stands for, just think of him as a Political CrossFit Coach. He has prepared a lifetime for this moment in history. He is in the fight to win it for the sake of the American People. Therefore, We, The People, must go to the original source, Ted Cruz, to help ourselves become Constitutionally Healthy and Fit.

  1. Know what Ted says not what “they” say he says. Go read his PROVEN RECORD.
  2. Watch and Listen to Ted on his YOUTUBE Channel.
  3. REMEMBER: You will hear “them” explain what “they” think Ted Cruz stands for but do not be deceived by mainstream media sophistry. Go to the ORIGINAL SOURCE at, that’s and hear it from his lips, not “theirs”. 

Even though I work as an individual in CrossFit and it is solely up to me to do my best and work hard each session, I am stronger because I have a Coach who helps me guide me through my WoD and my fellow CrossFitters as teammates to encourage me to keep giving it my all.

So it is with Ted. He is our Coach in a world class competition. We are now his teammates and we must cheer him on to victory by making our voices heard within our spheres of influence.

Service Dog for Cruz  Cruz Is In The House       A glimpse - Out the Door

Ted Cruz Stuck w Press

My Favorite Person


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