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Last week at the Orlando Rally for Ted Cruz, there was this adorable young girl who reminded me of my niece when she was little. Best of all, it was obvious she had come to the event with her parents so I asked for permission to photograph her and them as a family. That was when their acclamations of joy and pride in their beloved eleven-year old, Anabelle, really grabbed my attention.

Here she is ….. Miss Anabelle.

My Favorite Person
Anabelle Gilmore, 11 years old.

And what follows is Anabelle’s essay about her Favorite Person for her school assignment that her father, Brian Gilmore, sent to me in an email.



My Favorite Person

Everyone has a favorite person.  My favorite person is Ted Cruz because he is smart, responsible, and loyal.  Read on to learn more about Ted Cruz!

First, Ted Cruz is responsible because he knows how to run for President.  He has all the speeches planned for his GOP debate.  Also he keeps his promises.  He never gives up and gets his work done.  He always tells the truth during speeches.  And he can always be trusted to give the facts.  Ted Cruz will take care of the lack of jobs for people and care for us and our country.  He also will found laws to keep us and our country safe.

Second, Ted Cruz is smart because he knows how to keep people happy.  He will lower taxes, create more jobs, and helps others achieve their dreams.  Also he follows the Constitution, which is essential for all future Presidents.  And he doesn’t cheat in the GOP debate which very smart, because cheating never helps.  He also knows what is best for the country.  Ted Cruz follows the laws.  And he will also do what’s best for our country and its people.

Third, Ted Cruz is loyal.  He never lies.  He always tells the truth about stuff and people.  And he is also truthful.  He never tells a lie.  And he is very honest and can be trusted at all.  He never cheats in anything.

My favorite person is Ted Cruz.  He is smart, loyal, and responsible.

Brian Aimee Anabelle Gilmore
Families For Cruz #FFC` 

Brian and Aimee Gilmore could not be more pleased with their daughter’s interest in politics. They are exceptionally proud of their 5th Grader for taking the initiative to write about a current political figure for her assignment at the Imagine Schools North Manatee, a Charter School.

To Brian, an electrician for The Mosaic Company, and to Aimee, a true homemaker, thank you for sharing this story about your delightful Anabelle. What was instilled into Ted Cruz as a young boy, by a loving father, is now what he has become. Can you imagine what, in this day and age, Anabelle, filled with your passion and love for freedom, has endless possibilities to become?

Additional information about Miss Anabelle from her father:

Likes and Hobbies- hummingbirds, dinosaurs, Minecraft (video game), martial arts (she’s a yellow belt), lots and lots of reading, and science.  She has fish, a dachshund named Early, a hamster named Ginger, a bearded dragon named Camo, and 2 pet chickens named Belle and Nibbles.
It may change, but as of a couple of years ago, she said she wants to be an “ornithological paleontologist” so she can discover the first prehistoric hummingbird.

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