We are #CruzBrevard & Growing!

What a fantKaren Kilianekastic #CruzBrevard Meet-Up in Rockledge this past Tuesday. Small business owners, homemakers, artists, blue and white collar workers are stepping up throughout Brevard Country. Each one is concerned about the direction our country is headed. More importantly, each one is willing to do something. Each one wants to stand with Ted Cruz, the Consistent Conservative.

It was great to listen to everyone’s concerns and ideas for solutions in pressing forward to Reclaim Brevard for Ted Cruz. It wasGreg Scott 1 encouraging to hear unity even though some differences surfaced on some issues. What made this meet-up so exciting is how each one embraces the spirit of Ted Cruz’s campaign: #FrameTheDebate and have the discussion about the things that matter most. It is all about the conversation and representing Ted Cruz well.

We discussed the importance of being well versed on Ted Cruz’s positions, especially when things are being attributed to Ted by the mainstream media. It is critical that we use ORIGINAL sources and share those and other TedCruz.org sources so people can do their own research.


The Outcome: We like each other. Everyone is self-motivated to do whatever they can to help Ted Cruz get elected. Everyone has a talent, a forte, that brings life and joy to the campaign process. We can work as a team even if we are working individually because we are each necessary and sufficient to the whole. We are fired up and ready to work for the greater good.

So here we are:

Harriet Baldwin and Cheryl Lankes

  • Hosting a Ted Cruz event and need a Characiture Artist? Contact Tica.

Tica McGarity - Charicature Artist

Have a question or need some help researching information? Just ask anyone and one of us. We are here to help you help Ted Cruz Reignite and Reclaim America in Brevard County!

Karl Krahmer


We are hitting the road each week to travel through the county in the #CruzMobile with Cardboard Ted so you can have your picture taken and posted too! 
 Courageous_Conservatives_Flyer Single.png

Update: Link to TedCruz.org fixed on 5 December 2015


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