Shock & Awe: A Whine Free WoD


Exercise is not my thing. It is my daily mental battle. Running is so not my thing. It is so very, very, very not my thing. Running for exercise is my fiercest mental battle. To not only decide to do CrossFit but to choose 26.2 CrossFit with a bunch of Marathon Running Fool Coaches was a mental battle nightmare. IF, a big fat IF, I could get to the Box three times a week, the first line was crossed. Could I draw a new line and hold it?

Here I am 20 months later. No, I have not run a marathon. No, I am not planning to run a marathon. To date, running like a Turtle on Valium, it would take me 13 hours (at best) to complete a marathon. That would be on flat ground, no hills, no sand, just blacktop. However, I have run the Jingle Bell 2 Miler (last December), the Color Run 5k and the Zebra Zoom 3k this year, each race with my angry, miserable face and thoughts. This year, with angry face and whining, unhappy thoughts, I signed up to do the Flavor Run 5k in January 2016.

But that is not the point of this entry today.

After taking several months off running to deal with an Achilles tendon problem, I took to rowing for a spell. In August, there was a WoD with 50 meter sprints. Something in my head said, “Try.” So I did my shuffle run and have kept it up in my classes ever since.


The WoD on December 11 was a MetCon consisting of a 1k run, 50 toes to bar, 100 Kettlebell Swings with a final 1k run and were my first  runs over 800 m since my 5k in January. That meant to get through my mega-mental running battle I had to wear my Forged: The Legend shirt, in red. (It is my superhero shirt. It is my subliminal reminder to not whine, grimace, roll my eyes or have an angry face while running.

My Super Hero Shirt Motivator

I ran the first 1k. And it happened. All of a sudden, I realized, without one I-hate-running thought or mental-misery commentary I was simply running. Then shockingly, before I knew it, there I went running the second 1k without a mental fight or complaint or miserable thought. Plus, I lengthened my stride and quickened my pace the last 100 meters! (Well, I felt like I was moving faster in my head.) That was a first for me! I even went pretty fast for me on the first hundred. Shocked and awed myself! Truly. I was amazing in my head.

But wait! There is more!

Today’s WoD was JERRY. (God Bless those he left behind.) So donning The Legend, in red, I was prepared to get through the 1 mile x2 runs. And guess what? Not one miserable-in-my-head moment running. Not one! Not one eye roll, not one mental whine or complaint, not one feeling of hatefulness about running. Not the first or the second mile.

How could this be? Who cares? I got through it and had no miserable thoughts. Be thankful!

And then it came to me. I feel happiness for God’s tender mercies in answering my prayers through my effectual struggle to exercise consistently. Running up to one mile, without anger, is my Christmas Miracle. It is a wonderful gift for which I am truly grateful.




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