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Last Christmas my #ShareTheGift goal was to not roll my eyes at my CrossFit Coach. It took me  about three months to really be pretty good at not rolling my eyes before settling into a groove. There were occasions when an eye roll would slip out but more often than not I kept it in check. Until last Thursday, when a huge eye roll started and almost ended up full circle. Thankfully, I caught it and apologized to my coach right a way. 

With Christmas being few days away it weighed heavy on my mind to not have come up with a commitment for this Christmas season. Discussing it with one of my coaches on Friday, I mentioned something about smiling more during the workout, perhaps at the end of every round. That led to a discussion on finding joy and satisfaction with each WoD. 

He spoke of being satisfied with doing one’s best in a WoD. Too often it is easy to compare one’s performance to someone we perceive is running faster, lifting heavier weights, doing more reps, and the list of training methods goes on as do the physical changes that each one goes through. He brought up something that had been on my mind about being satisfied with what one does in each WoD, no matter where one is in the fitness process and about not being so hard on oneself during the workout. In other words, simply finding joy in the WoD process. Just work the coaching plan.

Pondering over our discussion, I went to do some research at, which led me to these three articles: 

2015-16 SHARE THE GIFT .jpgSo after reading the articles and watching the talk, I choose for my one thing to work on, especially at 26.2 CrossFit, is to be a Gracious Receiver.

When my coach praises me, accept it. When someone tells me good job, accept it. When a coach corrects my form, appreciate it with joy, do not feel disabled by it. Accept the good and not so great WoD experience as a Gracious Receiver.  It is the effectual struggle by way of experience, a learning curve if you will, that makes it possible to recognize and enjoy any real, long-lasting fitness success. Being a Gracious Receiver is part of the weight bearing exercise process that is necessary and sufficient to ultimately reach any fitness goal. And that will  translate into other aspects of my life as well. 


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