When friends ask where to go for info

This is not a comprehensive list of sites or people that I follow for news and political information. It is in relative order of importance to me when I want to double check what I am hearing or reading from other sources. The list is compiled and posted here thanks to my friend JL’s inquiry to become self-educated. I thank her for trusting my opinion enough to ask where to go for information that is easy to read and understand.

My suggestion is to visit one site at a time searching for information that is of interest to you. When you feel brain-fried simply step back, take a break. Discuss what you read with someone else you trust if you feel unsure or confused about what you are reading. You might find that you understand more than you think you do.

Where I research first and info I trust: 

  1. Heritage Foundation at heritage.org
  2. Heritage Action at heritageaction.org
  3. American Enterprise Institute at aei.org
  4. The Federalist Society at fed-soc.org
  5. Discover The Networks at discoverthenetworks.org
  6. Dean Clancy at deanclancy.com
  7. CATO at cato.org

Where I go for daily news and commentary: 

I usually get all of my immediate or important news off my Twitter Feed as I follow all the afore mentioned sites along with the ones below. There favorite research/writers from each site that I follow because their personal styles work for my reading comprehension level.

  1. The Daily Signal at dailysignal.com
  2. The Blaze at theblaze.com
  3. Glenn Beck at glennbeck.com
  4. Conservative Review at conservativereview.com
  5. The Federalist at thefederalist.com
  6. The Resurgent at theresurgent.com
  7. National Interest at nationalinterest.org
  8. Front Page Magazine at frontpagemag.com
  9. Daniel Greenfield at sultanknish.blogspot.com (corrected 5/21/26)
  10. Mark Levin at marklevinshow.com
  11. Rush Limbaugh at rushlimbaugh.com
  12. Buck Sexton at bucksexton.com
  13. National Review at nationalreview.com
  14. Washington Times at washingtontimes.com
  15. Capitalist Pig at capitalistpig.com

An important site for you to check out is Hillsdale College. Hillsdale offers Online Courses, many for FREE, on the Constitution and our Founding Fathers at hillsdale.edu.

If you follow me on Twitter you can see my favorite follows and view my Lists or just tweet me at @JSWardell and I will send names directly. Perhaps I will put a #FriendlyFollow list together in another blog post in a couple of days?

Until then, have fun discovering what is important to you and putting your own foundational information together to share with others! Have fun developing your confidence because you are smarter than you think you are. Speak up. Speak out. Defend Freedom! Preserve your Constitutional Rights!


Author: jswardell

Conservative Partnership Institute, Tea Party Patriot, Heritage Action Sentinel, Political Activist, #SocialismKILLS, Community Organizer, Blog: www.sentinel2sentinel.com

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