Just the end of the day

It is a new year and the first month is just about over while minds full of mush are out in full force, protesting with increased vileness, like the whackadoodles of the late 60’s-early 70’s. It would be disheartening if I had not seen it the first time. 

Today is Sunday. I really need to be Christ-centered. It is His Day, not the day of the Whackadoodles (and I mean that in the most kindly, Christian way). So time to turn my thoughts to more positive musings. 

My friend, Joe, did a 365 project whereby he posted a graphic arts #dailyrender. Today was his last post for his first series. He is a fellow CrossFitter. That’s how I know him. You should follow him on Instagram at southneck. (I think he is Superman and his wife is Lois Lane. #cutecouple). 

One of my favorite Sunday rituals is calling family. My folks are elderly and my mom’s brother is older than that. They are in pretty great shape for their ages. In fact, my mom still works a few hours each week demonstrating and selling men’s cologne and grooming products. My Pops walks three miles a day except on Sundays, and my Uncle, though practically blind, has a mind that is sharp and crisp. Those calls have been made. 

One thing my husband and I did today was watch the movie THE PERFECT WAVE. It was worth the time. 

That said, you might also follow 321_Surf  on Instagram too. Great shots of surf, surfers, and cool things related to surfing.

Taking Joe’s fine example of daily posting, I am going to try again to do the same this year with simply writing a daily blurb on my blog. 

The End.


Author: jswardell

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