Thank You, Glenn Beck & The Blaze Staff

It is almost the end of the day. I have been sitting still, trying to quiet my mind to think of something to write about today. So I choose to express gratitude.

Buck Sexton has been out this week due to illness so he had to release his exciting news on his Facebook page. It is a thrilling announcement indeed.  “The Freedom Hut is going into national syndication, baby!”, he posted.

Thank you, Glenn Beck. Buck’s announcement made me think of how many wonderful young people you have had on your television and radio station, and why I am a proud supporter of The Blaze and Glenn Beck shows.

All I can think about now is how many people you have had working on your broadcast station and where they are now?  Then there are thoughts of the wonderful young people you have on now and where where they be in the next five to ten years?

I loved REALNEWS. I love the new format you have now for your 5 p.m. Eastern slot on The Blaze. I loved the conversation then and really love the conversations now, from THINK TANK to FOUR-MINUTE BUZZ and everything in between.

It is comforting to see so many people, with different backgrounds and persuasions, just being happy in spite of different ways of thinking, or visions, or philosophies, or who knows?

Thank you for finding exceptional people. For supporting them. For sharing them. And thanks to all those people on your staff for being professionals and excelling at what The Blaze has established since day one: THE TRUTH LIVES HERE.img_5126

They all move on and, hopefully, continue with that thought process to influence others for the greater good.




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