Do a Good Turn: Opportunities Right in the Way

So I am driving home from the box this afternoon when a couple of vehicles swerve out to the left lane and then back into to the right lane. My first thought, “Oh no! Someone has hit another dog and left it in the street!” as the line of travelers continued to follow the leader in turn.

No, thankfully, it was a big black trash bag about the size of a trash can sitting smack-dab in the middle of the lane with what looked like styrofoam packing shrapnel strewn about it. When a few more vehicles ahead of me did not stop it was obvious someone needed to take the time to at least clear the largest debris from the street, and it appeared that it needed to be me, the Little Old Gray Haired Lady (LOGHL). 

It is a busy road. Quickly thinking about how to safely deal with the problem I surmised it would be best to go around it, stopping on the far side. Then I realized I was able to immediately turn right onto the side street, hit my flashers, exit my truck to let down the tailgate. Great idea!

After the vehicles behind me served and continued forward there was a break in traffic. Quickly getting to the bag, sizing up how big it was, I had hoped a LOGHL, such as myself, could pick it up. It was awkwardly big but filled with styrofoam, yard clippings and other trash therefore not difficult to lug it over then heave it into the truck bed. It went smoothly as other vehicles continued driving toward the spot just cleared.

I guess I could have taken the time to clean up the other stuff, but in the moment felt like I had done all I could without putting myself in harms way. I was satisfied having done my part to make the streets of Montgomery a little less unkempt.Image-1.png

In a few moments I arrived home, backed the truck into the driveway, right up to my green garbage bin, got out and pulled down the tailgate to drag the bag to the top of the bin. Glad it fit.

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