Positively Wonderful: Life Is Grand

Since November 2016 there has been some sort of wicked flu that has gone around the community. Even my parents, who live in Texas, have had it hang on for weeks. It appears to be a slow moving something that sort of shows up only to linger on for almost three weeks time, which can be really miserable for a family of four if it begins with one person before creeping through the other three members one at a time.

Evidently it took a bit of a toll on people at my husband’s office until finally he had a touch of it for a good two weeks time. That and his snoring made life a bit rough during that stretch. He was just this side of misery but not sick enough to take days off from work. (Thank goodness he is in relatively great health.)

Being nervous about this dreaded gamboo, I have really tried to do all I can to stay healthy this season. But it found me. I lost my voice Thursday afternoon and could not go bowling (Sadness and wo!). However I slept well and then being able to sleep Friday afternoon through Sunday has helped me recovery fairly rapidly.

What a positively wonderful blessing to have the chance to rest well all weekend. With the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep tonight I think I will be ready for my week tomorrow!

Life is Grand!    




Author: jswardell

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