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In Florida we used DirecTV. In fact, we started with them when we bought our first home in Ohio. When we moved to Montgomery we decided that we could live without our satellite thanks to the Roku players we used in Florida. We got them when Glenn Beck started Glenn Beck TV that you may now know as The Blaze. After living in Montgomery for nearly seven months we find we can live without regular television.

Before we moved here we recorded a lot of things that we never watched. There were so many channels included in our package that we never watched. When we moved we found we had narrowed down what we did watch to so few channels with so few worthy watching programs that we simply did not want to waste money on that which was of little worth to us.

Now we pay for what we want. We really enjoy the variety on Netflix, love The Blaze for so many reasons, and recently we added CRTV because of Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin. Then we got Alabama Public Television, thank you Masterpiece and Mystery! and Doc Martin.

Even with these few channels we have The Blaze on most of the time. We do not mind as each channel has on demand access allowing us to pull up shows on a moments notice and that takes the pressure off the limits that come from recording shows.

Hallmark Channel is the one I really miss. Sometimes I just need mindless, emotional girl television programming to detox from the news I read and watch every day. That is why I took a chance and subscribed to Feeln. It seemed like a good idea.

The Feeln programming is okay. The ease in using the channel is not as user friendly as Netflix when it comes to watching a series. The selection of programs have include what I consider a bit advantgarde so find Hallmark Channel-like programming somewhat lacking in that perspective.  I do love the the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. It would be nice to have more Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. (Not sure why Hallmark had two channels when one would truly do but certainly they could throw more over to Feeln.) I was thinking about canceling my subscription but they added the series, The Man From Snowy River. I hope they get more than the first series soon. 

That brings us to Netflix. There are some shows we have watched that are short shows from a season or missing a season. That is a total bummer! Nothing worse than missing pieces in a series unless it is watching a show out of order in a series! (It is a #Nerd thing.) 

The point of it all is we are only paying for that which we need, enjoying what we have, and supporting the types of programing that reflects what matters most to us.  That’s real capitalism, freedom to choose. 







Author: jswardell

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