Worthy of Repeated Reading

Daniel Greenfield is a favorite read. He is an incredibly, prolific writer. Honestly I have no idea how he does it except that he is truly blessed with a gift. Check out:

Yeah, impressive. People who write with such passion and clarity amaze me. 

From my youth I have another favorite writer and speaker, the late, Neal A. Maxwell. The best way to describe him are in the words of the late Gordon B. Hinckley’s funeral tribute to his friend: 

“When he opened his mouth, we all listened.

“His genius was a product of diligence. He was a perfectionist, determined to extract from each phrase and sentence every drop of nourishment that could be produced. Each talk was a masterpiece, each book a work of art worthy of repeated reading. I think we shall not see one like him again.”

As I sat thinking about what to write today both of these men popped into mind. I cannot imagine the discipline it takes for Mr. Greenfield to crank out so many articles each day. Nor can I imagine the time and discipline it took for Elder Maxwell to “extract” the words to create such “nourishment” in his writings.meme-maxwell-gunfire-lullabies-1324288-print

At day ten of this daily writing challenge I am painfully aware of my weaknesses. And yet, with practice, I hope to be able to make marked improvements and perhaps write something, just one item of worth that is “art worthy of repeated reading”. 





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