Meaningful Work and an Authentic life

I was watching the GLENN show on The Blaze tonight. Doc Thompson was filling in for Glenn who is out due to illness. Doc was hosting a studio audience featuring Chris Martenson of Martenson is the author of Prosper so the main gist of the conversation was about recognizing what you are authentically good at and multiple income streams to go forward during this new chapter of history in the making.

The over arching point was: There is always something we can do, that all is not lost nor hopeless, and great things await us if we are open to possibilities during this great time of change. 

What a great show! I am sorry that Glenn was not there to be part of it because truly it would have been fun to hear him interact with Chris Martenson again. Nonetheless Doc did very well in Glenn’s stead.

For the last 15 years, perhaps longer,  I have heard about the importance of having a diversified career. The trends were showing that people needed both a skill and a degree to make themselves marketable. Over thirty years ago I remember someone talking about the advantage people had if they got a degree in Physics. Most of them would be able to get a job in many facets of the workforce being rewarded with further educational degrees compliments of the companies they worked for. 

Then came along the brilliant, and very authentic, Mike Rowe. Mike showed us how much work is out there IF you were willing to get out there and get dirty and simply work with your hands while keeping your wits about you. (See his other brilliant website

When I think about authentic people, people who have influenced my life,the woman who finally consented to marry my 2x-Great Uncle, Hilda Anderson Erickson, comes to mind. I grew up with many stories about her work ethic, about all of the amazing types of service she gave to others, and her spirit of entrepreneurship. 

One astonishing fact that Chris brought up tonight was how, in 2010, suicides overtook the number of deaths by automobile accidents.  How pathetically sad, how overwhelmingly sorrowful for those people who lost vision and hope for an authentic purpose in life regardless of perceived unworthiness or misplaced values that were shallow. Truly there is great purpose in the struggle to hang on and keep moving forward, even if it is merely hand to hand combat to get up and sit on the side of the bed each day.

Doc was right. “There ALWAYS ARE OPPORTUNITIES to do something.”

Chris said it too, “there is no reason to check out of this magic thing we call life under current circumstances. This is an amazing world we’re in. There’s a lot of opportunity.” 

Never believe you are too old to try something new. Never believe you are unable to learn something different, maybe even out of your wheelhouse. You can learn. You will learn. And if  you simply start by waking up each day, looking for an opportunity to do one good deed, your thought process to embrace change will begin to have an effect on your heart.

It will be your toughest morning work out. But you can do it. You can thrive and you will find the path to that something that will giver greater satisfaction, just right for you.

And then each day you begin again so your vision deepens, expands and broadens your horizon. 






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