Politics: A good rule to remember


Earlier today, Adam Hasner tweeted:  A good rule to remember…”In business there’s 
competition. In politics there’s opposition”,
 and his words immediately brought to light many things that I have seen in my lifetme. It is especially meaningful today, now that a
bunch of roughians have descended upon Mitch McConnell’s home in Kentucky. 

A great site you ought to get to know is the HorowitzFreedomCenter.org. You should also get to know the founder, David Horowitz. He does tell all, pulling no punches when it comes to politics. He understands how to compete in the arena of ideas as he and his team frame the debate in opposition to those who seek to destroy our freedoms.

Please take time to peruse all of the sites and material available to you while particularly checking out THE BLACK BOOK OF THE AMERICAN LEFT.




Author: jswardell

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