Stop Stalling: Congress has the Power

Remember the FIRST TIME the Senate voted to #RepealObamacare?

And in case you were wondering about “the short history ” of the Republican votes to #RepealObamacare here is the January 30, 2014 version from Politico. Specifically note the dates of repeal.

In Dean Clancy’s Yes, We Can Repeal Every Word of Obamacare he points out two things that we need to remind the House and Senate about regarding #FullRepeal: 

The first offers unmistakable evidence that the Obamacare exchanges are collapsing, contrary to the Left’s “everything is working fine” narrative.

The second proves the Senate can repeal the law’s onerous insurance mandates with only a simple majority, rather than a bipartisan supermajority—something that, up till now, Republican leaders have (conveniently) denied.

So what is Congress now stalling for? Remember this: 

Let me take a moment to refresh your memory on the deceptive statements that are still circulating. Read the article and with information to help you counter false claims then go forward in telling your members of Congress that #GovernmentShouldNotRunOurLives. Let them know you are there to support #ObamacareREPEAL. Let them know it is high time to #StopStalling and simply #FullRepeal. #RepealNow. 

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