“You’re a Grandmacousin,” announced my little friend, Ashton.

“Oh really?,” I asked inquisitively. ” A Grandmacousin? What’s that?” 

“Well,” he said with his most thoughtful and well reasoned expression,  “you’re sorta like my Grandma and you’re sorta like one of my cousins.” 

Ashton Note Feb 15 2017.jpg“Oh, I think I get it. I do some things with you like your Grandma would do with you, and then sometimes we do fun things like you would do with your cousin?”

Nodding his head with what was his sweetest six year old grin, seemingly pleased with discussion, he said, “Yes.”

And we both paused for one of those special moments when all things are aligned in the universe while a spirit of sweet satisfaction rested upon us. 

Not having any children of my own, I cannot think of sweeter name to be known by. Thanks Ash. What a sweet, tender mercy.




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