A little something finds a home

This week I cooked extra food to have ready in an effort to get a handle on my endless struggle to eat healthier. I made my first ever batch of Fennel Chicken and then I cooked my favorite Lamb Roast all on the same day. It ended up being a lot of food, which is okay because putting a few freezer meals to grab-n-reheat blesses my life.  It blesses my husband, too, on those days when he does not feel like making his own lunch. (Like he says, “Food is Love.”)

And there is another bonus to having extra food ready-to-go. Like today when I walked with my friend to our vehicles after Church. She spoke about having a crazy week at work, a sore mishap with a gigantic bolt dropping off her car as she pulled into her place of employment, and then another full day of travel and cooking for a special family event. As we made our way down the sidewalk, she said, thinking out loud, “Oh, I forgot to put something in the crockpot so it would be ready when I got home.” 

Light Bulb moment: I have some extra food already to share! 

So I insisted that she follow me home as it was on the way to her house because I had something for her. I ran into the kitchen, pulled out a chicken dinner from the freezer and then sliced some lamb roast to finish filling in the container before running it out to my friend as she waited in her vehicle. 

It was a meager offering and I was sorry I did not have all the trimmings to go with it, but it made me so happy to do just a little something for my friend. She has never had lamb before. I hope it all turns out to be a treat for her tastebuds.




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