17.1 Masters, Scaled – Completed

The weather in Montgomery has been hot or cold this week. Yesterday as I watched two of my very competitive, in the best possible way, teammates do the 17.1 CrossFit Open WoD in what I consider too hot weather, I was totally freaked out in my mind about doing the WoD for myself at Guns Out CrossFit.

Johnny leaped over his last box burpee and then some how managed to stumble over to the  big fan, flopping on his back, spread eagle. When he finally managed to pick himself up off the floor I realized he, at some point, had ripped his shoes off to aid in his cool-down process. It was a two stage pick-himself-up-off the floor effort. He was totally spent. 

Then Susan, the adorable, took her turn. She is amazingly focused. She is the most consistent, cool-as-a-cucumber athlete. Like a duck on the water. Calm on top while her feet paddle like a fury. When she finished the WoD she headed for the other big fan, which was close to her and on the cement floor. There she draped her body as close to the fan as possible while on cement floor, shoes off, then barefoot. She was still barefoot walking out the building. 

Talk about scaring the Little Old Gray Haired Lady (LOGHL). Not only are they skilled, but equally important, they have the speed. They were totally amazing. I wish I had a couple of photos for you because they are fascinating to watch in action.

Coach Charles told me I was in the Saturday 11 a.m. wave.

Yeah. I rolled my eyes. I cheesily grimaced. I left the building.

My saving grace doing the WoD today was that I am in the old group. Not the oldest division but close. img_6506And the weather was totally in my favor! It was in the upper 50’s to low 60’s, my perfect WoD zone. Then knowing I got to use a 10 pound dumbell just about caused my heart to leap out of my throat, pounding with happiness. 

I just had to start where I am, use what I have, do what I can as my very best. That said, my best is a 14-16 inch step-up and using that step box to do my faux burpee, a plank on the step since I have limited range of shoulder motion. Basta! My head was back in my game. I was in my mental zone. I had a plan.

3-2-1 GO!

The adrenalin kicked in and there I went, hands flying through the first ten snatches. Then came the first ten of the twenty when realizing I best cool my jets to maintain a healthier pace, I slowed down a bit to maintain my pace from then on. 

img_6508It is a given that I am never the fastest. I am always happy if I can keep up with good form, which I really tried hard to do. Definitely it took me the entire twenty minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible. But I did it.

I came. I saw. I conquered my mind. 

Ain’t Life Grand! 


Author: jswardell

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