Thanks but uh, No Thanks

Yesterday I wrote about the 17.1 CrossFit Games WoD that I miraculously did fairly well. And I mean fairly

Today my Coach Charles, who I truly love and absolutely adore like he was my own son, sweetly and with genuine heart sent a photo he took of me at about 18 minutes into the 20 minute capped WoD. 

He was wondering if he could use my photo for a WoD meme he was about to post for the box.

Uh No. I look hideous. I look like a deranged Oompa-Loompa!

And then my husband and I belly laughed at the photo for ten minutes. 

Yeah. Not so flattering. Not so flattering in the least. But thanks for asking Coach.

Now destroy all the copies! 

27/365  ( just realized… I think I am off by two days so that would make this post 29 … hmmmm. Need to go back and check.) 







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