My friend, the Hockey Puck Maker

Oh my gosh. My friend, Pat, is back in town visiting her adorable son. She is just the cutest thing ever. She is a total crack up, quick, funny, and very clever.  Pat likes to do things in a hurry, even when it comes to baking cookies. 

Her son tells me her cookies are really delicious if you get them right when they come out of the oven. He says you have to get them fresh, good and hot when they come out of the oven because…..

Pat explains that it was years before she learned she had to follow a process for making cookies. She just likes to dump all the ingredients in the bowl, mix, and then spoon the cookie dough on to the cookie sheet. And she uses that same dump and pour method even when she makes a double batch. 

Oh, by the way,  she mentions that she always manages to burns the last two trays of cookies. 

Unfortunately, any unburned cookies that are leftover turn into hockey pucks by morning. 

Pat is happy her children are all grown and she no longer has to bake cookies. She is looking forward to making me at least one batch.

Maybe I can use them as clay pigeon substitutes the  next time I go shooting?







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