Yes, I did 17.2 Twice!

It is a miracle. I did the WoD Saturday and again today and I managed to shave off some time on my tie-breaker score. It is the most awesome feeling. IMG_6639.PNG

It has been rough recovering from a flu bug that left me with bronchitis. The Doctor gave me an inhaler, in addition to a Z-Pak. This is the first time ever in my life I have ever had to use an inhaler so it was not a happy moment for me.

When I did 17.1 it was rough breathing. I did not use the inhaler. It was so difficult trying to suck in enough air to get through the WoD so when I did the 17.2 last Saturday, I broke out the inhaler. It helped me get through it but it was still rough trying to get enough air into my body.

Today I wanted to do 17.2 inhaler-less because I have been coughing less, sleeping well, and it was not humid today. The temperature felt pretty great too. It felt perfect going into today’s second chance fairly relaxed. 

It could not have gone better today. I tried to focus on my breathing. I made sure I opened up the ribcage to breathe deeply. I concentrated on how many steps for the lunges. I only lost concentration on those stinking chest to bar jump-ups (cough, cough jump ups, barely). And before I knew it, it was Times Up

FullSizeRender.jpgSpectacular, in my own mind, I was really feeling like something special when Coach Charles (#Ting), told me I beat my tie-breaker time. 

Yeah. Life is Grand for the #LOGHL. #ImNotLast!



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