17.3 WoD today and only today

I came. I saw. I did the 17.3 Open WoD. Uh, and I do not look anything like this when I did my #LOGHL Scaled version. It is one of those WoD’s that I do not want to do again to better my score. Then again, I could change my mind by Monday. (I can hear my Coach’s ting already in my head.)

That duly noted, thanks to my wonderful Coach Charles for letting me be the last person and for staying to coach me through the process. Special thanks for treating me like like a serious competitor, even when I was rolling my eyes and snark-laughing to myself. 

The great news is my Coach/teammate Susan Thomas, was really happy with her WoD results when she saw the btwb press Preliminary Analysis!

Yeah, I am at the other end of her score – the way other end. With only two more WoDs to go I have a chance to come in higher than last place. Well, at least I hope not last!

Susan will keep going, hopefully, to Regionals if she keeps up her great pace! I am truly rooting for her to break into the top 100 for the 2017 finals! 




Author: jswardell

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