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The Murph Challenge 2014 happened within the first month of my starting CrossFit. I was so sore and so tired from just trying to get going three days a week that when Memorial Day came around that first year I was 1) surprised the box was open and 2) asked my coach if I could just take that day off for an extra recovery day. I remember laying in bed, so sore I could hardly move. Honestly, I was so sore and so tired most days that I skipped the first several months of Holiday WoDs as welcomed recovery days.

I do not recall when I realized The Murph WoD was also done as a Challenge, specifically Memorial Day, but by Murph Challenge 2015, I signed up, got the T-shirt. If I remember right I had to modify the run to 400 or 800 meters that year. In fact I may have rowed instead. I really do not remember. What I do remember was modifying to ring rows, wall push-ups, and air squatting to the bench because I was such a weakling. 

But last year! Last year I was able to run the mile at the beginning and the end. It  was my first year running the miles, without the added weight but I ran! Again I modified the WoD, ring rows but… I was able to progress to putting up a bar on the rack and then doing an incline push-up. I also did the air squats, not to parallel but as air squats. 

This year will be my third attempt at The Murph Challenge.  Today was a practice day with 50 ring rows, 100 bar push-ups with the bar lower than last year, and 150 air squats facing the wall to focus on form. Breaking things up into two sets I completed it in about 24 minutes. It was hot and midday Montgomery, Alabama, not 6:30 a.m. in Rockledge, Florida. Not bad for a LOGHL but I need to get better to do twice as much with those mile runs. 

Last year I finished in 1:20.50. This year I really want to improve my time and quality in my workout. I have seven weeks to ramp it up. 




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