Remington Carriage Museum


For the last few days I have been watching season four of The Man From Snowy River: The McGregor Saga. Watching the stagecoaches, the wagons and the buggies in the shows made me recall The Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston, Alberta, Canada.  

We took a ride at the end of the tour in an old carriage of some kind. All I remember about it, and I think so every time I see those lovely television shots of the beautifully dressed and perfectly coiffed women without a bead of sweat on them, is how horribly uncomfortable the ride was. Thankfully it was just about a 2-3 minute ride around the property. Thankful to be dressed far less weighted down than those back in the old days, I can tell you I would have looked like a miserable, sweaty wretch at the end of a long ride. It also made me feel thankful for the modern day carriages in which we ride with wonderful air conditioning! 

It was great when we were there but from the looks of these videos, the place has improved, still as charming as ever. 

Such a happy memory. 




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