Oh no! Not the shoe!?

Yes, I knew I broke my toe but it was really hurting today. After the urgent care Doc reviewed the x-ray and showed me the grievous wound, he informed me I would need to wear “the shoe” for two weeks and a follow-up. img_7152


Yes. Seriously. And hideously seriously. 

I am posting the other photo below because it also happened today. I was sitting down on the rower at Guns Out CrossFit, just about to begin my modified WoD when I saw some huge thing moving rather quickly across the floor. It looked like it was hauling a dead body with it. 

Freaked me out, royally. And yes. I screamed like a girl.

It was a beetle that somehow managed to get tangled up in some sort of strand of something. It was beelining across the floor. 

Hobbling as best I could I grabbed a plastic bag. Capturing it in said bag, I managed to save it and get it outside the front door of the box sans its attachment.

It was a dramatic day. I must rest now.




Author: jswardell

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