An International Food Fest at MAFB


This is my husband’s second tour to Maxwell Air Force Base. Since his first tour he speaks often about the Annual International Officers Day event. And since we moved here last summer, he has repeatedly spoken about the annual IOD event.

He is not one to be overly excited about events but the IOD event is different. He is like a child at Christmas. He knows exactly when the IOD is happening and he has been talking about this one since January. 

This is the first time I have been at MAFB with him. Long story. Suffice it to say we chose for him to commute the first time. But he, like everyone I know who has been to the IOD event, has raved on about it for ages so my anticipation has been building up over the years too.  

Finally. Today arrived. Enjoy the video snippets and photos below. It was truly a fantastic cultural event!  Lots of smiles. Lots of wonderful hospitality. And many delightful and charming people from all over the world. 

Thank you to all of the International Students for this lovely, lovely day!

Veni, vidi, tamquam sus cibum.


Sorry the videos are such short snippets. Was quickly posting to Instagram, it was crowded, and I had food in one hand. The last one I did for Periscope so it is a little longer. 




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