Caleb and his Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Caleb Eagle Scout framed

Around 1989 I became involved with my Church’s Cub and 11 year old Scout program at a Day Camp. It was so much fun. It was a spiritual experience, one that impressed upon me how important Scouting is as the activity arm of the Priesthood in my Church. It was as though, in my mind’s eye, I could see those young boys as grown men in the future, serving and becoming great leaders of other young men. And from that moment forward I have kept a place of honor in my heart for the Scouting program.

Today was another spiritual experience as I watched an exceptional young man receive his Eagle Scout. This was a presentation very well deserved. My heart was filled with incredible joy, with great pride for Caleb and his family. To see the joy and pride in the men and boys who have been true mentors and friends to him on this journey, along with those feelings radiating from his parents and grandparents, added to the sweetness of my Sabbath Day. 

I love the camaraderie of the boys. I love the joy of the Scout Leaders. I love the Scouting program. And today, I love what Scouting has does for Caleb and what Caleb has become. 




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