Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo

Charlie R. after a long day of playing with Granny Jo

The bright spot of my week was getting to Granny-Nanny my little Charlie R for a couple of days. It was just the the mental vacation I needed. Sweet, innocent, plain old joyful fun.

I spent some time bringing him up to speed regarding the things he needs to be aware for he is in that generation being left in the wake of #Progressive Out-of-Control-Spending.

It is all about Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo courtesty of and!

Charlie R. listening intently to DANA and her guest, Lt. Col. Allen West














Charlie R. enjoying his post morning nap beverage with LIVE and FREE on YouTube and Periscope each Saturday morning with The Jonathan Hoenig, and Mookie-baby.
Ernie, the Cockapoo. Just chillin’ and being my friend. He is a great dog!




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