Happy Mother’s Day: Yes. I am thrilled for you and your day

Not to take away the pains and sorrows of those who mourn each year over not having a child but, as for me in my house: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY for those who have or are with child in spite of my being without one. It does not bother me that you are happy and feel honored by your progeny. It is not a sleight nor is it painful for me to watch you celebrate and be happy. 

What I am sick of is all of the whining and moaning and begrudging and wallowing in sorrow of the have-nots (and this goes for anything someone has that the have-nots want to whine about).

Seriously. Have your pain but please, move on. Stop droning on and on about it. 

Yes, I am sad for you. Yes, I know you want to share your emotional devastation. Life is rough and then you die, the saying goes, and you may very well have a very rough, perhaps horrific life

Nonetheless, there is one who has suffered all your pains, emotional, mental, and physical. And therefore, you can move on if you choose Christ, embrace Christ, and rejoice in Christ so you can allow Christ to heal you. 

You can be gracious. You can be truly happy for someone else’s day, like Mother’s Day.  

And you can say it and mean it: Happy Mother’s Day! 


Author: jswardell

Conservative Partnership Institute, Tea Party Patriot, Heritage Action Sentinel, Political Activist, #SocialismKILLS, Community Organizer, Blog: www.sentinel2sentinel.com

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