MONTANA: Vote for Greg Gianforte

The other day I posted a comment on Twitter about Montana politics. I was immediately hit with a barrage of Twitter Trolls challenging my thoughts and interestingly enough they were mostly Democrats who lean Progressive. Furthermore, most of them were not from Montana.

Bots? Probably. The Progressives have hit me before on other issues they are trying to drive.

Today I saw the following post about an important election in Montana. With permission, I am posting Brad Lotton’s Facebook comments about his support for Greg Gianforte for Congress, with the caveat that I know Brad and trust his opinion on this one.


The special election is upon us and I am voting for Greg Gianforte to represent me in Washington. Even though Gianforte has lived in Montana nearly his entire working career and has raised his family here his opposition continually portrays him as an out-of-stater.

Interestingly in our current Montana legislature made up of 150 members 60 list their place of birth as some place other than Montana which is 40% of our representation. Of the 100 members of our House of Representatives 39% of Republicans and 42% of Democrats list themselves as coming from outside of Montana. In the Senate 44% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats list birthplaces. These numbers do not even include those who failed to list a birth place when filling out their legislative profiles.

Much ado about nothing! Send a guy to Washington with some business sense to deal with the $18 trillion dollar debt instead of the guy that can’t even pay his own personal bills.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 6.18.03 PM

Vote for Greg Gianforte.



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