Murph on Monday

It has been seven weeks since I broke my toe.  I was confined to #TheShoe up until a week ago. I have been walking but not doing any running so tomorrow is going to be a challenge for me on many levels. The good news is I have been using my PWR Sandbag to help me prepare for the Murph Challenge by walking and pushing Charlie R in his stroller for 1 mile walks. 

I am having a difficult time falling asleep in anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. I really want to run, or in all honesty it is a Granny Shuffle, like last year. My goal is to break down the WoD into 20-40-60 at 5 rounds but the reality is 10-20-30 at 10 rounds is probably more realistic. 

Thanks to my Honey-do for juicing a couple of power concoctions for me over the last couple of days. He has a power combo ready for me to down with my plant protein powder first thing in the morning when I wake up.

Alright. Time for bed! 



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