David Azerrad, Ph.D.

Day after day I watch Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz fight the good fight to defend and preserve our Constitutional rights. They care. They are compassionate. They are betrayed by Progressives in the Republican Party frequently enough that there are days when I think I have nothing good to say about what is happening in Washington, DC.

For a break in discussing how rotten I believe the stinkin’ PRL and party currently are, here is something positive: I love listening to David Azerrad just like I love listening to Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. 

From 2013, The American Dream

And there you have it. 

  1. Opportunity for all. 
  2. Favoritism to none.
  3. Get Government OUT of the way.
  4. Make Government SMALL Again. 
  5. The Law of Abundance
  6. Work

Push back the narrative that government is the reason for your existence. Push back the narrative that government “invests” in you. Stop listening to the lies that government is here to take care of you and your family and push back the subversive and harmful narrative that you are unable to think or care for yourself. 

Remember the principles upon which America was founded and reclaim your liberty, your right to pursue happiness without oppression from those seeking to harm and degrade your ability to work and succeed and stand on your own two feet. 

#Unbroken ~ #BeingWeakIsAChoice ~ #EveryDayIsAChanceToGetBetter


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