Finishing touches: Plumeria and Pavers

The Honey-do has been hitting the list hard. Take a look at his handy work today! 

Note the wilderness is no longer baren. That is due the generous gift by our neighbor, the  Plumeria Meister and Keeper of the Peace, Lieutenant Bret. That area will now be known as The Bucky (he was a great dog) Memorial Garden ala Bret. 

We are having the same company from last year re-mulch and tidy up our landscaping this year. Jeremy of Woodington Lawn Care is getting our repeat business because he did such a fantastic job last year. 

Golly gee, we love this house! Just a few more things on the Honey-do list and Basta!

Well, at least for a little while. After all, “even a mule gets a break.” 




Author: jswardell

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