Glenn Beck: What can I do for you?

So tonight just a few thoughts to share with Glenn based upon his 7/13/2017 evening show. 

  1. I too love the Blackboard educational information. 
  2. I love the Think Tank, just like I love Dana’s Pit Talk discussions. 
  3. I love how David Barton’s son is on with him for The Vault and History sessions. 
  4. I love the live audience shows when there is interaction with you or your guests. 
  5. I thought your Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager was fabulous.
  6. I love your discussions with Senator Mike Lee because he knows how to #FrameTheDebate. 
  7. I was not able to go to your speciality events but I did see you at a couple of FreedomWorks events and they were great too.
  8. I truly enjoy this positive, fix yourself direction you are taking and encouraging others to do the same. 

In all you do, in all you say there should always be an answer to a Therefore What

There are always answers and options. And you ought to leave us all with an answer, or an I don’t know the answer, but we can certainly come up with one better than a government agency. 

That was a great show tonight. Keep moving forward. Teach true principles and those who follow your programing will rise up to #ReclaimAmerica. 


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