Dear Montgomery Drivers

You folks scare me. You also scared a cute little family visiting from out of town today, who almost got hit twice.

Example One: 

When driving down Wares Ferry Road wait to get into the center left turn lane just before you turn on Jule.

It is very bad form to drive down the middle of the TURN ONLY LANE before the person in front of you, the one who is obeying the lines on the road and waiting to get into the left turn section as it is marked. 

Yes it is good to pass on the left but not in a TURN ONLY lane or when you have to surpass the speed limit to end-run the car in front of you doing the speed limit and wanting to properly turn left.

Example Two: 

The center TURN LANE is not there so you can pass the six vehicles ahead of you that stopped so the man, picking up and removing debris in the lane, would not get run down and killed by a car traveling in that lane.

Yeah. When a vehicle is stopped then you should too. You should wait to see what is happening ahead before you almost kill someone with your impatience.

Example Three:

When a police vehicle, with flashing lights, is slowly driving down Atlanta Highway just take a chill pill and do not try to quickly zip around him until he pulls off the road. 

You do not know what is happening.

Maybe he is going beyond the call of duty to get a little doggie out of the middle of a busy road. Maybe he is doing it to save the dog and to save someone from killing the dog and creating a bigger mishap on the road. 

Seriously people.


And while I am at it, that lever on your steering column that clicks on a flashy thing is a TURN SIGNAL. It has a purpose. Please, consult your owners manual on how to properly use it. 

Thank you. Thank you very much. 


Bless your hearts.





Author: jswardell

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