Irma and Florida Friends

For years I have been a fan of Joe Bastardi, now with Weatherbell Analytics, so have been watching his posts on Twitter and Facebook to see how he is calling Hurricane Irma. He made this particular hurricane really great to watch for I have a personal interest in it as it affects Brevard County and Orlando. In fact, I am very invested in the outcome of this monster hurricane. 

In between checking out Joe on his social media pages, I have been watching and for visual reports of the weather. As the winds and the rain began the dance of the hurricane it was nice to see live video feeds from some of my friends waiting through the calm before the storm. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 10.24.08 PMSo far, so good. My Florida Family and Friends are safe and hunkered in. They are prepared so they are not afraid, relatively speaking. They know they have done all they can to be as safe as possible during these treacherous hours that lie ahead.

Irma is still traveling northward, having not yet reached Orlando and the storm surge has yet to complete its cycle.

 There is no question that we will continue to pray for those we love and for all of those who must endure this 2017 Hurricane Season. 



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