Crush Procrastination: Working on it

Procrastination has been on my mind. On my whiteboard I have written, in red dryerase maker: CRUSH PROCRASTINATION. And yet, here I sit at near the end of the eleventh hour, wondering what to write about today. 

So I searched for inspiration and came across this quote from a great sermon by Marvin J. Ashton that I remember from many, many years ago. 

Those who continually prefer to stir up waters find that they create only a whirlpool and are carried around in circles rather than progressing straightway.”

“Avoid procrastination. We can say with great accuracy procrastination is an unwholesome blend of doubt and delay. Oft-used words of the Savior such as ask, seek, knock, go, thrust, are action words. He would have us use action as we teach and live His principles.”  ~ Marvin J. Ashton



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